Cutaneous lupus erythematosus

ICD10: Other local lupus erythematosus [L93.2]

Treatment: Cutaneous lupus topical treatment

Systemic lupus is multi-systemic autoimmune disease, targeting ds-DNA and nuclear proteins and most commonly in females (estrogen-related) and African-Caribbean and South Asian descent.

The definition of Mild SLE is clinically stable lupus with no severe (life-threatening) organ involvement, limited to arthritis, rash, mucocutaneous lesions and mild pleuritis. The SLE disease activity index of mild lupus is <6 (SLEDAI<6).

Lupus dependent on a primarily on careful clinical evaluations of the patient with relevant hematological, biochemical and immunological testing.

For clinically and serologically stable disease activity (remission); 6-12 months outpatient appointment is adequate. For clinically stable disease but with serological activity (active); 1-3 months outpatient appointment is adequate.

Periodic lab investigtions check: blood pressure (1+/A) urinalysis (1+/A) renal function (1+/A) full blood count (3/C) liver function tests (4/D) complement levels (2+/C) anti-dsDNA antibodies (2++/B) ESR/CRP (2+/C).

Periodic Lupus co-morbidities check: Treatment-related:atherosclerotic disease, osteoporosis, avascular necrosis, malignancy, infection, hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes, high body mass index.

This goal is a synergistic treatment along with the systemic treatment approach for lupus.


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