GROA boosts your clinical accuracy to

Treat your patients better!

GROA is a clinical decision support system
It provides you with actionable recommendations at the point of care.

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Tailor your treatment plans

Based on your patient's contraindications and pathophysiological variables.

Tailored drugs’ dosages

To accommodate you patient's physiological and pathological needs.

Get real time recommendations

Instant clinical recommendations at point of care.

Don't miss practice updates

To keep you informed with the latest advancements.


GROA is the manifestation to revolutionize and boost the clinical outcomes. We focus on the post-diagnosis phase of the clinical management to support practitioners toward more precise decisions.

Minimize medications errors

By following the gold standard practice guidelines and tailor drug dosages to your patients

Reduce study time

With GROA's well-structured knowledge base, you will access actionable and credible recommendations without the need for further research.

Faster decision making

It guides you toward the optimal action.

Keeps you updated

GROA is periodically updated to ensure your access to the latest medical advancements.

How GROA Works?

Add The Patient Conditions.

GROA's intelligent algorithms analyze your patient's variables.

Select Treatment Goals.

You can design treatment plans to treat specific clinical goals within each disease.

Generate Treatment Plan.

GROA generates a comprehensive plan with step by step actionable recommendations. It also gives the flexibility to follow up and evaluate your outcomes for further refining.